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Learning resources for members

Subscribe to ILUSS and gain access to all our resources.
Membership offers access to ILUSS online courses, from beginner to advanced level, and to a large and complete self-studying variety of learning resources such as grammar, reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, video, etc...
Here the list of resources and courses that you can access as an Iluss Member

Check your level and your progress/Per conoscere il proprio levello e controllare i progressi fatti.
Learn the Italian grammar, improve and exercise your Italian/Per studiare la grammatica, migliorare il tuo italiano e fare esercizi.
Key point of the Italian grammar with a large selection of exercises
Per esercitare il tuo italiano./Exercise your Italian.
• Interactive Online Courses - Corsi interattivi Online
Every ILUSS course includes a structured, step-by-step series of interactive course materials. ILUSS lessons are the result of long experience in teaching foreigners and have been carefully tested in class before being used. Our lessons use rich, interactive media to help you learn Italian in real-life situations. Lessons are structured and easy to use. Our web-based lessons focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary and listening. Walk through key grammar, reading and writing topics. Practice keyword memorisation using our flashcard tool.
Read about Italy and Italian life, enrich your vocabulary and practice/Per aggiornarti sull'Italia e sugli Italiani, arricchire il tuo vocabolario e fare esercizi.
You will learn and improve your understanding of the spoken Italian, you will enrich your vocabulary and your communicative skill/Per migliorare la tua comprensione dell'italiano parlato, arricchire il tuo vocabolario e comunicare meglio in italiano.
You will enrich and improve your vocabulary and your communicative ability/Per arricchire il tuo vocabolario e migliorare le tue capacità comunicative
The best way to learn and to exercise Italian verbs/Un metodo facile e divertente per imparare i verbi italiani.
Learn and improve your understanding of spoken Italian/Per migliorare la tua comprensione dell'italiano.
An essential, simple, easy learning tool/Uno strumento didattico essenziale, sintetico e facile.

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